All Portfolios Inequality, Political Economy Exhibition Jan 2015 Client: Oxfam India

Oxfam India used to organise a fundraising programme among the corporate employees. Trailwalker is a programme where corporate employees sign up for a 100 kms walk through Indian rural landscape to experience socioeconomic issues first hand and commit certain amount of donation to Oxfam.

The success of the exhibition Imagining Inequality prompted Oxfam India to create another version of the exhibition that can be set up in any place, for instance in the reception area of an office to mobilise employees to sign up for the programme. We reworked the content of Imagining Inequality, the exhibition, which was a reworked version of the report Even It Up, for a pointed but very tricky target group. The report was critical about corporate behaviour in financial sector as a major proponent of extreme inequality in the world, and we decided to handle it straight on.

Imagining Inequality, the original exhibition

A quick look at the exhibition
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